Manufacturers of chemicals and products for a variety of sectors in the textile industry.
Products for preparation and bleaching, digital and conventional printing, dyeing and any type of finishes.

  • Digital printing
    Digital printing

    We specialise in pre- and post-treatments for pigment, disperse, acid and reactive inks used in digital printing.
    Our PROESJET and PROESJET FINISH ranges are leaders in the digital printing market.

  • Washing and bleaching
    Washing and bleaching

    Proper preparation is essential for consistency and great results.

  • Softeners

    For all fibres and processes.
    Soft hand fabrics.

  • Water repellent with a pen-mark-resistant finish
    Water repellent with a pen-mark-resistant finish

    Safer C6 fluorocarbons or fluorocarbon-free. Excellent water and oil repellency. Pen-mark-resistant finish for pile fabrics.

  • Flame retardant
    Flame retardant

    Wash-proof (polyester) or non-wash-proof (cotton and cotton blends). Applied using the Foulard machine padding, exhaustion or coating methods.

  • Resins

    For finishing, printing and coating.

  • Defoamers

    For all types of processes and machines.

  • Catalysts

    With or without formaldehyde. Glyoxal. Blocked or unblocked isocyanates to improve and accelerate resin performance.

  • Dyeing

    We have every kind of textile auxiliary for any type of dye.

  • Conventional printing
    Conventional printing

    Synthetic and vegetable thickeners; emulsifiers and lubricants; for pigment, disperse, acid and reactive inks etc.

  • Bactericides, fungicides, and acaricides
    Bactericides, fungicides, and acaricides

    We use conventional bactericides and fungicides. Plus, our PROESCAP MICROBIAN range uses anti-bacterial natural essence microcapsules as part of our ECO line.

  • Water treatment
    Water treatment

    Our PROESQUIÓN MC range features highly concentrated products that act as calcium-, magnesium- and metal-ion dispersants and masking agents.

  • Cleaning and maintenance
    Cleaning and maintenance

    The DESENGRASANTE RM range offers a variety of cleaning and maintenance products.

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