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For decades, we've been providing textile industry chemicals and products, including finishes, preparation and bleaching, dyeing, and both digital and conventional printing.

During this time, the PROES CHEMICALS team has developed a range of innovative, cutting-edge products.

Multifunctional, reversed-phase, energy-saving products have been key to developing technologies that meet the textile industry's strictest safety and environmental requirements.

With our partners, our R&D&I centre is committed to maintaining and expanding our range of innovative products that deliver value to our customers.

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PROES CHEMICALS is committed to quality. All our products undergo rigorous production controls and are manufactured using REACH-certified materials, in keeping with the strictest industry requirements.



We are always improving our processes, prices and quality with the customer in mind. Our team's technical and sales services are fundamental to who we are.



The PROES CHEMICALS team combines industry veterans of over 30 years' experience with highly trained younger staff committed to the future.



Now and into the future. Our R&D&I team is constantly adding value to our products. They use materials that are better for the environment, safer and more efficient, designed for both traditional printing and cutting-edge technologies like inkjet.

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We provide a wide range of chemicals and products for a variety of sectors in the textile industry.

PROES CHEMICALS operates in Spain and in the major markets internationally.

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